I’m still with her

I woke up this morning imaging a world where a woman could be president and good triumphs over evil. Whatever happens in this election, that is still true.

It looks like Hillary Clinton will lose, which makes me sad. I understand she isn’t perfect, but she’s qualified. She’s a strong woman who fought to be here.

It also makes me mad at my fellow Americans for voting libertarian in protest or thinking Trump was somehow better than Hillary.

Honestly, I do think Donald Trump is a vile, loathsome evil little cockroach to quote Hermione the only interests he has are his own. He doesn’t understand what makes America great again and manipulated a country.

But good still wins. My nieces will learn about this election and the year we lost our minds, but see someday they could run for president. God is still in control even when all hope seems lost.

I go to bed fearing a world where Donald Trump has access to nuclear codes, but I will rise knowing the sun will still come out and Jesus still loves us.

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