Thanks, straight white voters

[This post features sweeping generalizations so be prepared]

It’s the second day of Trumpapalooza (how I plan to refer to his term as president) and emotions are still running high. Many minority groups are afraid for their futures. Straight, white voters, who largely voted for Trump, try to comfort them with the sentiment “don’t worry, he isn’t going to take your rights.”

Straight, white people who don’t understand what it’s like to be denied the right to marry someone you love based on your gender. White people who don’t believe in our race problem because they’ve never experienced it. White men who didn’t have to fight for a right to vote because it was freely given.

Sure, it will be hard for Trump to strip away marriage equality, but isn’t it just as offensive if he tries? I’m sure it’s little comfort to tell someone, “don’t worry, he may not want you and your partner to be married and find it disgusting, but he can’t do anything about it.” That’s who I want to lead my country.

The most comical thing about that argument can be found when you compare what the straight, white voters care about: gun rights.

We clearly have a gun problem in our nation. It’s too easy to get them and the number of shootings we’ve had is under control. We also have an intolerance problem with people who are different and we tend to ignore mental illness, but let’s not focus on that today.

When a shooting occurs, politicians and leaders try to offer solutions to comfort the public and end the slaughters. No one ever says ‘take the guns away,’ yet many freak out as if the government is trying to rob them of all their rights.

No candidate ran saying they would repeal your right to bear arms, yet people chose Trump because of his NRA support. Because a democrat might try to take your guns, right?

Imagine if a democratic candidate ran and said “I disagree with guns. During my presidency I will find a justice also against guns and put them in a position to change your rights.” Even if you believed this was impossible, you would be outraged. You would share memes of the candidate as the devil and a violator of the sacred documents that built this nation.

If that candidate won, you would undoubtedly share memes (probably used incorrectly) about hiding your guns so the liberal agenda cannot take them away, even if nothing was being said or done about it.

Let’s take it back to our LGBTQ friends. Donald Trump wants to get rid of marriage equality but that’s easier said than done. Either way, the wonderful LGBTQ community is a little fearful based on his statements.

Instead of sympathizing, straight, white voters act like they’re being ridiculous. Don’t worry until you have something to worry about.

Gun rights > human rights apparently

This is just another example of why we’re scared. The people who support Trump aren’t telling us they’re sorry he said that about us but they couldn’t vote for Hillary. They mock us for crying and protesting instead of understanding we have to call this man our leader even though he has repeatedly shown his disrespect for us.

By the way, I’m using us to represent everyone who isn’t a straight, white man because that might be the only group he hasn’t offended. As fathers, husbands, brothers, friends, bosses, coworkers, etc. these men should be afraid for us too, but maybe I’m asking too much.

It’s bad enough 50 percent of America doesn’t care about our rights. We don’t need you then telling us to not worry about Trump following through. If you don’t think he will try to follow through, why would you vote for a candidate who can’t deliver?

I don’t want everything to be about the election, but this isn’t a time to be silenced. I won’t rally against Trump or use the hashtag #notmypresident even if I want to. I will fight back with love and empowerment and try to make the world better for future generations. I won’t led a loud man and his cronies quiet me into blind support.

We cannot be silenced.

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