Christmas tree glow

This morning I woke up and plugged in my Christmas tree, as most people do bright and early. 

As I contemplated what to do with my time before work, I stared at the soft glow of my tree as the new day shone through my window. The perfect lighting in my room put me in a trance. 

I knew I had things to do. I knew life was waiting for me. But in that moment, I could only stare and be content with my life. 

Somehow, deep down, my soul knew it needed this. To not rush or think, but enjoy the beauty of the mixing lights. Often I simply go and shame myself when I don’t pause because there’s always more to do do do. 

Christmas lights bring me joy. Around them, my souls feels complete, filled with the love of Christ and memories of all the years before. Around them, my soul is filled. 

I hope you found your Christmas lights some day this week so you could rest. 

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