Some brief thoughts on movie trailers

I think this is a subject I’d like to expand on later, but right now it’s late so I’ll keep it brief. 

Well. Brief for me. 

I love movie trailers. I love the music and glimpses of greatness, the low notes that lead to the heartwarming conclusion. It’s my favorite part of going to the movies. In fact, sometimes I’m against seeing a movie if I don’t think it will provide me with entertaining trailers. 

Tonight I saw a movie for which I had never seen a trailer. I was against it. Sure, I had heard about it and heard the praise, but I didn’t know what to expect. I like knowing what the expect. 

As the opening credits began after the gentle rocking of the trailers, I felt anxiety race through my veins. I wanted to run instead of stay. I realized this was so silly. I also realized what an analogy for my life. 

I like trailers because I like high points. I like the overview. I like knowing everything is going to be ok. Without the trailer, I didn’t know. 

That is how I get. I need to know details. I need to be able to see the good and bad set to a great song knowing it will all end for the best. 

Unfortunately, that isn’t life. God doesn’t give me a highlight reel. I have each day, one at a time. And that’s so terrifying. 

Sometimes I think our lives in rhythm are similar to trailers. We expect how each day will go, and anticipate some level of better and worst. When we’re knocked out of rhythm, the gameplan is gone. 

That’s how I feel. I used to have guaranteed salary paychecks and a schedule and career and I knew the most important details were figured out. I was like a giant ship on the ocean. I might get rocked around, but I’ll be ok. 

The only problem? My ship was the Titanic. It wasn’t an external iceberg that sunk me; it was the inner voice I didn’t listen to for years. 

Now I’m floating on a door in the ocean. I can’t see the safety, but I know it’s coming. My trailer is stuck in the low point and I’m looking for the miracle I can’t see yet. 

The movie was really great. I didn’t need to know the main points to enjoy the experience. Who would’ve known. 

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