Too Faced

This morning I returned to one of the first brands I ever tried at Sephora. Granted, I couldn’t distinguish it from Urban Decay, but I was like a blind baby back then still waiting for the light to set me free. A first crack of light appeared when I purchased Better than Sex mascara. At the time I remember being slightly scandalized by the name, but Orgasm from NARS was one of my first blushes so I can’t act like it hindered my purchase decision.

After years of use and cheating, it still remains my all-time favorite, and I’m not alone. It’s the number one selling mascara at Sephora and based on my research as a cashier, one of the most commonly purchased items overall. We always have a ton in back stock because it sells so well all the time.

Brand History

Almost 20 years ago, long before YouTube makeup tutorials reigned supreme, there was a boy named Jerrod Blandino with a dream. Working at a makeup counter, he went on to use the products sold to create his own, innovative cosmetics and began selling them at another department store during his breaks. Inspired by the power of makeup, Jerrod and his partner-turned-husband Jeremy Johnson sought to create a line that embraced the pink in a time when 90s grunge was all the rage. Now they define themselves as “a serious makeup brand who knows how to have fun,” encouraging people to create their own unique looks and own their pretty.

The name ‘Too Faced’ came from Jerrod’s description of his clients who would turn from sweet to salty when he no longer had their favorite product in stock. His innovative and dreamer spirit continued to guide he and Too Faced into new, exciting territory, including being the first person to develop a glitter eye shadow, 24-hour eye shadow primer and plumping lip gloss. Different lines have different scents associated with them, from the delicious chocolate line including contour and eye shadow palettes, brow products and bronzers, to the Sweet Peach collection including eye shadows, lip gloss, blush and highlighter. They even TASTE good (not that I intentionally tasted them).

As always, I stuck to products never used which was sad when I didn’t even give the Sweet Peach line a second glance. I avoided the Melted Matte liquid lipsticks and regular chocolate bronzers. I saw Better than Sex smiling at me in it’s pretty pink tube, but I resisted.

Products Used

The Look


Overall, I was really pleased with this look, not that I was surprised. Too Faced is one of the brands I’m most familiar with, which is why I didn’t go with the more popular Hangover Primer. I actually used it for a time and loved the way it smelled (coconutty), but eventually it stopped holding my makeup as well. It’s likely a change in my skin occurred; I just haven’t gone back.

This was my second time trying Born This Way Foundation (I’m a fan of the concealer), and it turned out better than before. Sometimes products with hyaluronic acid don’t sit well after awhile on my skin, but today it held up and looked nice for most of the day. Basically everything with my complexion went well. The contour and highlight were subtle and the blush beautiful.

My eyebrows are almost exclusively Brow Wiz so we really don’t need to have a discussion about them.

I’m loyal to Urban Decay’s eyelid primer, but Shadow Insurance was also nice. I’ve heard mixed reviews about TF’s eyeshadows, with them being hit or miss, but I’ve enjoyed every palette I’ve tried (Chocolate Bon Bons, Sweet Peach, Natural Love). It blended easily and the colors were beautiful. I grabbed a lilac Sketch Marker for liner, but the tester was dry and I decided never mind. Sorry.

I primed my lashes with my new favorite from Urban Decay and grabbed the TF mascara I hadn’t tried. Here is the problem. By the time I sat down to put this together, it was gone. Off the gondola, off the website. So I think it was called Queen of Hearts and the brush was HUGE. Like way bigger than any mascara brush has a right to be, but I loved it anyway. I’m actually sad it disappeared.

For my lips I strayed way out of my comfort zone. It’s important to note I don’t love the Melted Liquid Lipsticks. I find on me they bleed pretty easily, which is annoying. I’ve tried a few shades, including Lady Balls and Drop Dead Red (both beautiful), but I can’t keep them on my lips like other liquid lip formulas.

I decided to try the Melted Longwear Lipstick in Melted Violet and then put a gloss on top, also in purple. It was actually pretty. Like really pretty. I’m a fan of purple on the lips in general, but this combination felt oh so right. It even stayed on well, considering I ate a bagel right after applying.


All in all, A+! But then again I know Too Faced really well so it turned out like I expected.

Probable Purchase

  • Both lip products – I know I have enough purple lip colors and who actually needs a gloss, but it was that great. Biggest surprise, I think.
  • That dang mascara, gone forever

Never Again

  • The Sketch Liner – Listen I know this isn’t fair, I haven’t tried it. But it doesn’t look like as nice of a point plus it’s a terrible gondola to fill so I have issues. Sorry for my biased reporting.

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