Sephora Collection

Sephora Collection

Sometimes I would avoid Sephora Collection because I’m bougie and want the name recognition. Yes, I know I’m the worst. But I’m getting better I promise. Mainly because now I know that Louis Vuitton owns Sephora Collection so I’m maybe the bougiest of all. Jk.

Sephora Collection stands as one of the most affordable brands in the store, but quality isn’t sacrificed. In fact, its liquid lipsticks are one of my favorite formulas and it has easily the most impressive display of eyeliners. I’ve actually used a lot of SC’s products before, but fortunately the line is huge so I didn’t overlap too much.

Brand History

Sephora, in its earliest form, began in France in 1970 as a perfumery chain. In 1993, it was purchased by Dominique Mandonnaud who joined his perfumery with it and continued to use the name Sephora. It was during this time the store took on an unheard of feature in retail, letting customers try the product on in store.

The brand continued to grow in the 1990s and then Mandonnaud and partners sold the company to LVMH, or as you might know it, Louis Vuitton.

From here, LVMH took the company global and then brought in both cosmetic and beauty products. In 1998, Sephora arrived in the United States and hit the web in 1999. Last year, the 400th store was opened. Today you can purchase from almost 300 brands in the categories of cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, haircare and nails. One of these brands is of course Sephora’s own private label, Sephora Collection. The goal of SC is ‘beauty uncomplicated,’ or to make it simple for everyone to be on trend with easy to use products and affordable prices.



Products Used


The Look


I’m going to keep this rundown short and sweet by telling you man I was surprised by (almost) everything I used. From the list, I’d only previously used the concealer and eyeliner. Everything else was new and worked really, really well. My makeup lasted all day and held up really nicely, which is a credit to the makeup, primer and setting spray.


The first roadblock I hit was the aerosol foundation. Having never used it, I didn’t know if you sprayed it directly on your face, hand, brush, etc. I tried my face first, but scrunched in panic so I had tiger stripes of foundation on my nose. Sadly, I don’t have a picture. This is where I learned a valuable lesson – this formula dries quickly, so blend quickly.

Once I figured that out, it was pretty much smooth sailing (after I managed to get everything blended out). I decided to spray it directly on the brush for faster application and it worked well. While the color I chose worked well for me, the selection is very limited.

I loved the brow products. Almost loved them as much as Anastasia Beverly Hills. If you’re looking to get those brows on fleek and you want easy to use products that won’t break the bank, Sephora Collection is for you. Two thumbs way high.

The biggest issue I had was the eyeshadows, which wasn’t unexpected. I hadn’t heard great things about them before. Don’t get me wrong – they aren’t horrible and for basic looks, you’re probably all right. My problem was the pigment wasn’t always great and then there was a ton of fall out. The shimmer shades lost so much products on my cheeks, which I don’t love. I understand sometimes fallout is inevitable, but it felt like too much.

Oh and the eyeliner! I use the Animal Instinct (a glitter gold/brown) color regularly to add some definition to my eye without a full, black wing, so I was aware of the formula going in. It’s long lasting and pretty, but sometimes the color is hit or miss and you really have to work to get it as dark as you think it should be. It took a lot of work to get my wing up to par, but everything else about it was nice. It’s a liquid liner in a pot, but the tip is very precise.

The second roadblock was the lipcolor. While you can’t really tell in the photo, it was way too 90s. The liner was darker than I anticipated and the color weirdly purple with sparkles. It didn’t look like in the tube, but on was another story. Shortly after the photos were taken, I removed the product and put on an SC lip stain instead, which never disappoints.

Probable Purchase

  • Honestly most of the products I would buy again because they all worked really well. Sephora Collection is a great option for anyone

Never Again

  • The eyeshadows. Just no.

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