Tarte // Make Believe in Yourself Collection

Today actually started as a great day for me and Tarte, not because of the makeup application, but because the gondola got an update. In my operations role, I spend a significant amount of time organizing and stocking the shelves. Some of the brands have really terrible shelves that make it clear whoever designed them has never actually stocked them.

Tarte used to be one of those brands. Until today.


The update made it gloriously simple to stock products with firm merchandisers to hold the products we didn’t have to build. Plus everything is easier to find now. Well done, Tarte. Thank you.

Getting back into what you’re here for, Tarte is a brand where I’ve used more products than I realize, but I really don’t have a lot of love for the brand. That isn’t to say it isn’t great and I know it does have its fans, but I don’t feel the same. Opinions are fun!

Saying this, there are some high points to the brand. Tarte blushes are my favorite. Years ago I purchased a holiday set with five blushes and I’m still using it today. The brand boasts “high-performing naturals,” which includes 12-hour wear, and the blush doesn’t disappoint.

Brand History

Seventeen years ago, Maureen Kelly created Tarte after looking for a natural line with runway appeal and falling short. She wanted healthy makeup that was “pure and powerful.” If she did find a brand that fit this category, the packaging left something to be desired.

Kelly made her dream a reality and created products that were good for you and looked good too. The use of Amazonian clay and maracuja oil is infused in many products. Now, there is the regular Tarte line, Rainforest of the Sea and the skincare line.

Products Used


The Look


I was really feeling my complexion today. I started with a poreless primer to because pores suck and then used the 12-hour Amazonian Clay foundation. I’d heard good things about the primer, but I had never used myself. I understand now while people say good things. The coverage was nice but definitely gross or chalky on my skin.

The concealer helped perfect a little more and then the blush and bronzer finished off my base. The brow products gave me nice and natural brows which are my favorite. Now to the real star, the Make Believe in Yourself Collection.

With the update came the launch of these products in store. Selfishly, right as we opened, I borrowed 90 percent of them to put on my face. I figured it wouldn’t be that high trafficked at 10 a.m. during a weekday. I chose to try the line because I’ve used a lot of other Tarte products already, and these were all new.


Make Believe in Yourself, a line I will henceforth refer to as MBIY, is capitalizing on the current trend. While other brands (*cough* Too Faced *cough*) will try and act like they kickstarted the phenomenon, I think it’s most a combination of the actual mythical creature’s rise in popularity and how that seeps into every area of our lives, like fashion and makeup. Although really who’s to know.

Anyway. The products.

For being a unicorn-based line, MBIY did not wow me with its glow products. I used the liquid highlighter with the rainbow highlight on top and I don’t think you could see it from space, which is always the goal. The powder highlighter also isn’t secure in its holder, so it will spin around when you use it which is annoying.


For my eyes, I used a combination of the face & cheek palette in the MBIY line as well as the Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay, mainly for the crease. I don’t love Tarte shadows and that opinion held up after using the pro palette (they aren’t my favorite for blending), but I really like the sparkly ones for MBIY. If I could justify buying a palette filled with all shimmer shades, I would, but I just can’t. But it’s beautiful and the pigment is nice and buildable.

The rose gold liner falls into the same ‘if I could justify it’ category. I wasn’t convinced it would be that noticeable given it’s rose gold, but man it STAND OUT. I have a coworker who wears it frequently and it looks great with her eyes. It applied easily and it didn’t need several layers to get the color payoff. My only real complaint is I don’t think the glitter end added much. Maybe if you use it over a bigger area, but it just kind of blended with the liner.


There was a glitter with the line, but it’s not online anymore so I don’t know what happened. It was really finely milled and beautiful. I used it for accents around my face and on my lips for a festival vibe. Speaking of festival, one of the lip colors in the limited edition MBIY collection is actually a regular Tarte Lip Paint color, only repackaged.

Looking at the box, I was sure I would hate the color because nudes aren’t really my specialty, but this color definitely surprised me. I swatched it and was like okay I can work with this. It’s definitely long lasting, but very drying. Tarte says it’s more hydrating than others, but they’re wrong. And that is a shared opinion with others.

The lash primer and Lash Paint were nice, but not like ‘oh my goodness how did I live without this before.’ And then finally I used the new radiant setting mist and like the Rainforest of the Sea refresher spray, it smelled wonderful and felt wonderful.

Probable Purchase

  • Potentially the foundation, but I would want to try it again first.
  • Next time I’m looking for a nude, I will definitely buy Festival

Never Again

  • I would say most everything from MBIY kind of because it’s limited edition but also because I wasn’t wowed

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