Cover FX + Friends

Today was a hodge podge of brands because Cover FX doesn’t have a full line. It’s a full gondola at Sephora, but only because they still 20 different foundations and setting powders and it’s cray. Not 20, but you know, it’s a lot of base makeup.

My first cream contour kit was from Cover FX. It was a hand-me-down from my friend Sam and occasionally I tried to use it, but it was too orange on my skin and also cream contours are the worst.

While Cover FX does sell a lot of complexion products, they organize them really intelligently. Some brands, like Tarte, have foundations that have names that are the same, but not, like medium beige honey and honey medium beige. Those aren’t real, but the point is it’s confusing. Cover FX uses a numbering system, starting with a letter to signify the undertone. For example, N-20 is for someone with neutral coloring and P-20 is for someone who is more pink.

Brand History

Cover FX didn’t hit the United States until 2007, seven years after its creations. The brand was founded as Ontario Corporation with the goal of creating complexion products with healthy ingredients that don’t irritate and provide environmental protection. Co-creator Lee Graff was dedicated to helping those with burns and skin disorders achieve the same flawless complexion as everyone. Her co-creator, Jenny Frankel, is a chemical engineer and helped design the formulas.

With more than 40 shades of foundation, Cover FX’s specialty, there is a shade for everyone. Even better, the products will actually improve your skin overtime while making it look great now.

Products Used:





As I mentioned, today is all over the place and it gave me the opportunity to try products from brands that aren’t full lines. I began with their mattifying primer that actually has salicylic acid to treat acne, which is cool of course. I’ve actually used it before (oops) but I knew I liked it so I cheated and didn’t branch out I’M SORRY

Next was the cream foundation. Earlier I discussed all the different foundations available, so I chose a formulation different from what I typically use. Plus, Jaclyn Hill purchased it earlier this year and I am nothing if not a follower. When it says ‘total cover,’ it means total cover. I’m typically a full coverage queen, but my skin felt trapped. Maybe I used too much, I don’t know. I definitely prefer working with liquid.

For my concealer I chose one that also treats blemishes because makeup that helps my acne is a-okay in my book. Despite my reservations with cream contours, I dove back into the contour kit and tried to be as light as possible. I still don’t like it, but it’s important to try.

From here, I used the Perfect Setting Powder to freeze everything before moving in with more powder. I’m on the fence with this powder. People love it, but I it feels heavy on my skin. I bought a travel size to try so maybe I will learn to love it. For the most natural of warm glows, I used the bronzer in Sunkissed and decided to go for a soft and subtle look (v unlike me) based on the pretty base these products provided.

Cover FX doesn’t have a blush, so I went to Estee Edit to try one of their Barest Blushes. At first it was so dark on my cheeks. Like horrifying even for me. In a both fortunate and unfortunate situation, the pigment didn’t hold up well and eventually it all but disappeared from my face.

One of my favorite parts of the Cover FX line are the Custom FX drops. Cover FX is all about the drops. You can purchase drop foundation, highlighter or even mixers to help mattify or calm your skin. I chose to use the drops in Bloom and Rose Gold to continue my soft and glowy feel. These drops are nice because you can make it subtle or make that highlight appear from Heaven – the choice is yours. They blend fairly easily, but it’s important to check in different lights to ensure you don’t have any harsh striping. I added some celestial powder on top to further brighten my glow, although it didn’t really add much to what I had going on.

Out of everything, I was most excited to use the Natural Love palette from Too Faced for my eyeshadow. I had heard mixed reviews, most often people complaining the pigment wasn’t there so there wasn’t a lot of color that actually comes off the brush. The point of the palette IS natural, so you shouldn’t necessarily see the color in the pan on your eyes. However, if you use a different based on your eye, like Too Faced’s Glitter Glue or even eyelash glue, the pigment will stick to it and give you that pay off you’re looking for. I loved it. So much. The colors blended well and looked lovely on the lid.

Next I dove into Chubby Lash which I won’t talk about again today.

Although I’m not always looking for a dewy appearance, I used the Illuminating Setting Spray because it’s the only spray they have and it goes with my woodland fairy look. It was nice and misty, but I didn’t notice a lot of radiance. Maybe that’s the point.

Finally, I completed the look using the Bite Prismatic Pearl Creme Lip Gloss in Pink Pearl. I’m not a gloss person, but I’ve tried other Bite lip products and the creme lip glosses are beautiful. It was definitely different than what I like on my lips, but it was comfortable and wore well, which is a plus if you’re looking for a pretty gloss.

Probable Purchases

  • Chubby Lash, but again that’s old news
  • NATURAL LOVE because the 27 eyeshadow palettes I have aren’t enough

Never Again

  • That Estee Edit blush. No thank you

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