Three days a week I have the opportunity to do my makeup at work, and one day a week I have time to take it off and take care of my skin. I usually mask during this time, using one that addresses whatever problem I’m currently facing, but then I realized I could use this time wisely as well. So Thursdays are for trying skincare brands. Yay!

Similar to how I do color, I’m going to go down the line in order that we have them in the store, starting with Origins. My roommate in college always used Checks & Balances, and as a result I would occasionally sample, but I was never so wowed that I purchased it myself. This could also be because cleansers may feel nice immediately, but they don’t instantly clear your skin.

Speaking of! While I’m trying new products, I can’t really discuss long term results, because it takes between four and eight weeks to really see results because of cell turnover. But I will tell you how it felt on my skin, how my skin felt after and then the next morning feels. All the feels, okay?

Brand History

The more research I do on brands, the more I realize Estee Lauder basically owns everything and it makes me wonder how I can get into that family. Anyway. Leonard Lauder, son of Estee, founded the brand in 1990 making Origins the same age as me. His idea capitalized on people becoming more interest in their own health as well as the health of the planet.

The two trees in the logo stand for ‘yin and yang’ and support the tagline of ‘Powered by Nature. Proven by Science.’ The rest of the history just focuses on expansion, both of stores and product, but I don’t feel like listing everything.

Products Used


Typically I won’t use a wipe to remove my makeup because they can be harsh on the skin and I’m not convinced they do the best job, but I love the rose wipes from Sephora Collection. They smell great and are nourishing, but also remove most of my makeup easily without a lot of rubbing. I know some residue remains, but the bulk is taken care of, which is great. I use it when I work and need to remove my look in a pinch.


Having used the bestselling Checks & Balances, I tried the Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser. Because I have oil and pores, this sounded ideal. It felt really good on my skin and like it was getting right into my pores, so I recommend it if you need a little extra love like me.

Next I exfoliated and used maybe my favorite product from the line. Modern Friction is marketed as a gentle exfoliator, but if you aren’t used to physical exfoliation, it feels like you’re rubbing your face in sand. In a good way! Once I had it rinsed off, my skin felt so fresh and new, like I had scraped off all the bad karma in my life that was clogging my pores.

Before hitting the mask, I tried the Maskimizer, potentially the only product of its kind. Listen – I think the only way you can know this product actually makes your masks work better is to believe the research that compares the results of people who used it vs people who did it. Because honestly I have no idea about the efficacy in my life. But I tried.

I regularly use the overnight hydration mask and pink clay resurfacing, so I decided to try the Out of Trouble quick mask to address some of my troublesome areas. I’m not sure if I immediately noticed any results, but it felt like it was working on my skin which is important.

Once the mask came off, I tried the white tea treatment lotion, which is meant to help with environmental damage along with everything else a treatment lotion should do. I’m a fan of serums and toners but this one didn’t feel like much, like it just kind of happened on my skin. I didn’t notice a softening feeling either which I typically enjoy.

To complete the routine I used the bestselling Night-a-Mins to treat my face overnight and an eye cream for dark circles. The dark circle minimizer definitely helped immediately, and I know a selling point is it helps long term as well, which makes me very interested. The Night-a-Mins at first felt weird but then suddenly everything softened and I had baby-like skin,

The following morning, my skin still felt heavenly. Sometimes it gets greasy and heavy feeling overnight, but I didn’t experience anything like that with this combination of products. Overall it was an a-okay experience.

Probable Purchase

  • Modern Friction – typically I stick to chemical or enzymatic exfoliators, but this made my skin feel SO GOOD, even if maybe it helps spread my enemy P. Acnes all over my face
  • Eye cream because I have the subtlest of dark circles and I just wish they would go away

Never Again

  • Idk, maybe the treatment lotion? Everything seemed ok though

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