Anastasia Beverly Hills

About 10 minutes into my shift this morning, I shattered a lightbulb. The moment it broke, my soul broke and I was over everything. I had been struggling with a shelf for most of those 10 minutes, trying to get a piece out from underneath and so far all I had accomplished was carnage. Naturally, as soon as I asked someone for help, they easily maneuvered the object right out and I had my first “I’m an idiot” moment of the day.

What does this have to do with Anastasia Beverly Hills? Absolutely nothing, but sometimes it’s nice to share about your day with people who care.

After two days off for various reasons, I was back in the game today using a hodpge podge of products thanks to ABH’s incomplete line. For makeup fans, ABH is practically synonymous with eyebrows. The line’s Brow Wiz arguably the most well-known brow product and for good reason. It’s really good.

You may also be familiar with the infamous glow kits and a little something known as the Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette. Or maybe you’ve never heard of anything, I don’t know your life.

Brand History

Anastasia Soare immigrated to the United States from Romania with only a dream. She didn’t have any money or knowledge of the English language, but that didn’t stop her from shaping eyebrows as we know them today. Using her art and architecture education combined with her approach to beauty, she created the now patented ‘Golden Ratio’ method for eyebrows and brought us all out of the dark ages of thin eyebrows.

Her cosmetics brand was founded in 1997 after Soare became the first person to use the idea of brow shaping in the states. Some of her early clients helped catapult the brand to stardom, including Oprah, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum, among others. Think about it, they all have great eyebrows.

Instead of remaining a trailblazer in only eyebrows, ABH decided to take on other areas like contour kits, glow kits, liquid lips and eyeshadows, creating high quality and easy to use products.



Products Used:


The Look



To be honest, today was kind of a disaster. Not a life ending one, obviously, but certainly not my best day. I got into some heavy conversations with my coworker about teenage pregnancies and the death of classmates, so I wasn’t really focused.

Also there was the lightbulb thing.

I tried a few of the Urban Decay primers before today, but not the Self-Adjusting one. It seemed okay. The foundation stick was actually really nice – blended well and made my skin look great, which also a plus. Same for the concealer. Thick but not heavy, if that makes sense.

Because I’m quite familiar with the ABH brow line, I tried two new products in the powder and pen. The brow powder was meh, just not my favorite application method. The pigment was nice and easy to use, but didn’t give me the natural look I like. To correct this, I used the brow pen to add some hair-like strokes which helped significantly. I like it a lot. And then of course the brow gel to lock it in. All in all, great brows (if I do say so myself, maybe you hate them)

Next came the complexion, including the regular contour kit. Obviously I’ve heard great things and I wasn’t disappointed. My only issue ever with most contour kits are all the colors. I understand banana for under the eyes to brighten, but the rest is always too much for me. I just need sculpting and bronzing, but maybe that’s because I use my concealer to highlight. Who’s to know. Either way, it was nice.

ABH currently doesn’t have blush so I used an eyeshadow which was holy cow way too much pigment all at once for my cheeks. I think it was in Dusty Rose. Very pretty, but also a lot of blush even by my standards. I own the Nicole Guerriero kit so I used the basic instead. It wasn’t as flattering on my skin, but I definitely glowed.


As far as my eyes go, it’s a strange mix of colors. I didn’t find the single shadows as easy to use as my Modern Renaissance palette, but then again my palette is closed when not in use and these guys have been under the grueling Sephora lights for some time.

I used the Darkside gel liner but didn’t really know how to use it. I liked it because it wasn’t dark or heavy, and I could definitely build and smudge without fear of over-gothing it. In lieu of an ABH mascara, I tried Buxom’s and honestly it was pretty okay.

My lips are the biggest disaster. You can see I swatched a lot and then started with Party Pink. The brightness combined with the pink and blue shades on my eyes + extreme blush made me look WAY too 80s. I then tried Soft Lilac but I did a really poor job of removing the pink so the lilac was lined with pink? It was bad, real bad. When my shift ended, I removed the lips and accepted defeat.

Probable Purchase

  • Maybe the foundation. It was nice and felt nice but I still wasn’t wowed like ‘this is the best thing ever’ I don’t know
  • Brow Pen – I have a lot of brow products, but I might add this one day just for more defined looks

Never Again

Honestly I don’t think I used any products I hated. Granted, I hated the experience, but everything worked well. Some days you create a logical makeup look and sometimes everything goes wrong and you hope you at least look human.

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