Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier is so hot right now thanks to the brand’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder. Because we’re in the YouTube age, a few influencers began supporting this product and suddenly it’s flying off the shelves almost as fast as Champagne Pop highlighters or Better than Sex mascara. Another frequently purchased items are the tinted moisturizers, which are pretty nice.

I don’t frequently gravitate toward Laura Mercier, but I have used the setting powder because I’m a slave to the hype (but you know that). I like it just fine, but I’ve never been wowed like other people. Sometimes it looks too cakey on my skin, but it’s just as likely I can’t use it properly.

Brand History

Laura Mercier is basically the all-star of fashion you’ve probably never heard from. At 17, she attended school for painting in Paris before deciding to take her talents to the face instead of canvas. It was then she attended the very prestigious Carita Beauty School and later became an artist, teacher and pupil of Thibault Vabre, some important and very good makeup artist.

More than just an artist, Mercier also has a hand in the editorial side. In 1985, she left for France for the US and founded American Elle while also assisting other magazines such as Glamour, Allure and Vanity Fair. She continued to grow in popularity, both for her roles in magazines and being a celebrity makeup artist to some little known personalities like Madonna, Julia Roberts and Celine Dion, among others.

With the desire to create a naturally flawless complexion, Mercier launched her cosmetics line in 1996. Her goal was to have products to fit every age and skin type. Products from the line, like the tinted moisturizer and setting powder, continue to win best beauty awards from Glamour, Allure and InStyle. Her philosophy remains ‘what make you unique, makes you beautiful.’



The Look

I was nervous almost as soon as this process began. While LM has several foundations and tinted moisturizers, I wasn’t sure if any of the colors would work very well with my skin. Because when I started swatching none of them looked very good on my skin.

Finally, one seemed to match ok, and I got ready to start by priming my face. Next of course is foundation so I dove right in. That’s when I noticed the horrible change that had happened on my hand.


As you can see, the color oxidized and suddenly became very different than what I had intended. Fear began to set in as I realized I was too deep in the cover to back out now, so all I could was pray I wouldn’t look like an Oompa Loompa.

Next comes the concealer and Secret Camouflage and while both worked, I wasn’t instantly blown away. Because I’m familiar with the iconic less setting powder, I selected the pressed version instead, It seemed to do a nice job.

Actually, I really liked most if not all the products I tried today. The rest of complexion went smoothly and each product seemed to do okay on the skin. My favorite of the blush/bronzer/highlighter combination was the blush. I definitely looked flushed and natural.

The brows. I chose brunette, assuming it would the reddish tones to add some warmth to my brows and always match my warm hair. Oh no no. It was almost black and as soon as I got one done, I just shrugged and thought it’s Monday who care.


Then comes the eyes, arguably my weakest knowledge spot in the brain. The Eye Artist’s Palette was beautiful and pretty easy to work with, especially if you like a natural look. The mascara, however, wasn’t so impressive. It only has about a 2.5 rating on and I have to agree. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t really do anything for me.

The lip products were both nice and long lasting, and went on smooth which is always the dream. Overall, this was a very natural and simple look, but I really liked how it turned out.

Probable Purchase

  • Eye Basics – so I didn’t mention this in the review and while I could’ve easily gone back and edited, I didn’t. You know I’m an Urban Decay kind of girl, but this was so light on the eye and really held the shadow so I would consider
  • The foundation was so nice and oil free, which is a major plus.

Never Again

  • The brow pencil. Sure I could consider a different color, but all I can picture are my Ernie brows

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