Sometimes with makeup you have a vision of how it will turn out and then sometimes you realize the eyeshadow was way more pigmented than you realized and suddenly everything changed. The latter is my life today.

My first encounter with Hourglass came from my best friend’s obsession with the blush. At the time, I only recognized it for the marbled appearance and price tag that told me I would probably just stay away. Since then, I’ve tried the most famous primer, Mineral Veil, and the highlighter and enjoyed them both. But I still don’t like the price tag.

Brand History

Back in 2004, before we really understood the importance of eyebrows, Carisa Jones saw potential in the world of beauty. An industry veteran herself, she wanted bring back luxury cosmetics that were revolutionary, combining beauty, luxury and science. Cool.



Products Used


The Look


As previously mentioned, everything started a-okay with this look. The primer felt nice and actually seemed to blur out some of my unsavory spots and the foundation stick + hidden corrective concealer just wowed me into submission and it was like this is how my skin  should always look.


The brows went okay and all the powders were nice and soft. These are good if you’re looking for natural, not heavy finishes. They’re buildable to achieve the look you want but remain so soft and pretty. I used Ethereal Light to set and create a glowy finish and then Dim Light and Radiant Bronze Light to bring life into my face, with Mood Exposure to bring the much needed color to my cheeks. Euphoric Strobe Light gave me just enough highlight that I resembled the angel I actually am inside lol

This is when things took a turn.


As you can see, this is a very interesting design for an eye palette. At first I had no idea what to do, but then I saw some separation between colors and thought I would be okay. Now, my standard look is a neutral color to define the crease, lighter shade on the lid and then finishing with a darker corner in the outer corner into the crease (plus color below the lower lash line). Again, everything was all well and good until the pigment of the dark green was way more intense than I wanted and suddenly things got dramatic and smoky.

Sadly, the final picture doesn’t really do it justice. Also I took it off quickly so I’m not sure how anything would’ve actually worked on my face because I hated the eyes that much. The liner was okay, not the best liquid liner but not the worst. The tip was longer than I like so not as easy to control. The mascara was another shrug. There are better ones in store.

Finally, the GIRL Lip Stylo. I love the packaging on these and all the names, plus the formula felt really nice. I probably wouldn’t gravitate toward it every day because I like something a little more long lasting, but it wasn’t bad.

Also sorry, I don’t have strong opinions toward using or not using any of these products again so I probably wouldn’t buy anything, but I would try it again.

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