Vacation Must Haves

I live for vacation. My everyday life only exists so I can have money to go on vacation. And pay my credit cards and student loans, but whatever. I was raised to travel and see different places so nothing restores my soul quite like getting away.

Part of the fun of vacation is preparing for vacation.

Sure, you have the actual scheduling and planning and packing, but I’m talking about the shopping. When I go on vacation, I want to be my best self and typically that involves spending even more money to achieve the aforementioned best self.

Recently I spent five days in Mexico to celebrate my sister’s wedding. This meant countless hours in the sun and by the pool which meant countless beatings on my skin from the sun and water. Fortunately, I was prepared. Below are the items I decided I needed for my jaunt south of the border.

Verb Sea Spray

I’m going to be honest with this one – I don’t know how to use it and didn’t take it to Mexico. I tried once before I left, but it didn’t add any texture or waves to my hair and yes, I followed the instructions. It has great reviews so I’m not going to return it yet, because life is all about second chances.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

This now comes in a travel size which is ideal. The downside is waterproof only goes so far in the ocean and then it’s really hard to get off your lashes. I will say the waterproof formula is lighter than regular Better Than Sex, which was a welcome surprise.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

This landed in Sephora right before I started working there, and like everyone else I was intoxicated by the scent. Unwilling to spend either $20 or $45, I never purchased it for myself. Until now. I bought the travel size and man oh man is it incredible. My skin has never felt better (or smelled better) and I love the soft shimmer it leaves behind. You need this in your life for summer.

Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 50

As a pasty ghost, SPF has always been my best friend. Well, maybe when I was younger it was annoying, but now I relish finding any product designed to help my skin from my favorite enemy, the sun. This setting spray is nice because not only does it set your makeup, it adds SPF 50 to your face for long-lasting protection from the sun to keep you safe. My only suggestion is maybe use your regular setting spray before applying this. It didn’t melt the powder done as well as I like, but my makeup still lasted which is key.

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

Essential for vacation because who wants to waste their time washing their hair? Drybar works the best for my hair and leaves it smelling so so good. What else can I say? It’s dry shampoo.

Commodity, Mimosa

Kathleen Lights, YouTube Makeup Favorite Person, discussed how she bought different fragrances for every trip so every time she smelled that scent, it would remind her of her trip. Like the true basic I am, I decided to copy this and bought a travel size bottle of Mimosa by Commodity. It’s definitely a brunch/beach scent. Very light and citrus-y but not too on the nose. I love it and wore it the whole trip, but I couldn’t really smell it on myself, which is strange because other Commodity scents hang on well to my skin. Maybe the Bum Bum cream overpowered it or maybe the resort smelled too much like the beach already, I don’t know. No ragrets.

Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan, 104 Tan-Tastic!

Ok, so this was an impulse purchase. I never used to wear bronzer because I couldn’t find any I actually liked. Or wanted to spend money on. Which is even stranger because this might be one of the most expensive. When it launched, I didn’t want to need it, even though it smelled delicious. A friend at work used it on me during a makeover and it looked so pretty on my pale skin. I thought the fact that it was out of stock was a blessing, until it wasn’t anymore. It blends so well and warms up my skin perfectly. Plus, you can justify spending so much because it’s a giant pan.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s available online anymore 😦

Clinique Pep-Start Hydro Rush Moisturizer Broad Spectrum 20

I researched several different moisturizers and settled on this one because it was a 100 point perk which meant I didn’t actually have to spend money. I actually really love it. I wasn’t sure how it would make my skin feel because I don’t really need a super hydrating moisturizer because I rarely get dry, if ever. To my surprise, it made my skin feel so soft. I even used it at night because it was the only one I brought with me, and in the morning I didn’t feel over moisturized at all. BIG SUCCESS

Sephora Collection Rouge Balm SPF 20, 04 Sweet Fuschia

This is the product I arguably used the least on my trip, but I still love it. It’s a nice pop of color that isn’t too dramatic and provides protection for your lips, which is ideal. It’s a great way to get color but not sacrifice safety.

Beauty on the Fly Bag

This was free because of all the small items I bought, but it’s perfect for traveling. At an airport approved sized, you can safely and stylishly secure all your liquids in your carry on.

Now on top of this, I brought most of my other makeup with me as well because I helped with wedding makeup. This included my e.l.f. BB Cream packed with that SPF. I tried to wear as little makeup as possible mainly because I was in the water so much or just sweating profusely in the sun.

I’ve been back for two days, and just writing this makes me want to go back. Granted, I’ve wanted to go back since I woke up and realized I had to leave, but the point remains.

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