I’m going to start this review honestly and say my face feels like it needs cleaned. I wish I didn’t have plans tonight because nothing would satisfy me more than scrubbing off my face and revealing the skin I still think is hidden underneath. Nevertheless.

There was a long break between brands and I was really excited to jump back in today and try Becca, one that I’ve rarely touched. Becca is home to incredibly popular highlighters, but none more cherished than Champagne Pop. Thanks to Jacklyn Hill, teens come in the masses to purchase this golden pan of magnificence.

Does it matter that it’s too dark for a lot of skin tones (like mine)? Nope, because people will buy it anyway because it’s CHAMPAGNE POP.

At the moment, Becca is primarily a complexion line, housing very popular blushes and highlighters. Recently they added bronzers to the mix with some new products coming soon. The brand’s goal is a natural and effortless complexion based around your preferences.

I had casually used the highlighters and blush before, but today was my first time diving right in.

Brand History

Becca was founded by makeup artist Rebecca Morrice-Williams in 2001. In recent years, it was purchased by the makeup superpower Estee Lauder. Being focused on complexion, the brand boasts a 50 to 50 ratio between light and dark shades, appealing to a wide range of skin tones with more than 50 percent of its purchasers being of color. As I’ve mentioned way too much, Becca created the number one highlighter in the world.


Product List


So this immediately started in a bad place. Becca has two foundations, and neither had strong recommendations from my fellow cast mates at Sephora. As a fan of full coverage, I thought maybe I would go with the Ultimate Coverage but holy cow no thank you.

Pumping it out felt like work because it’s so thick and it resembled acrylic paint more than it did foundation. Even wiping it off my hand was a challenge. This immediately pushed me to the lighter (and equally regrettable) Aqua Luminous.

I started everything off with the new and buzzworthy First Light primer, designed to brighten and wake up skin. It smelled like lemons which at first concerned me but apparently the citrus scent is designed to energize you. I did not feel energized, but at this point I had been working for four hours so maybe the moment had passed.

Realizing the foundation would be a more sheer coverage, I decided to perfect some of my trouble spots before applying. The under eye corrector worked pretty well at masking my baby dark circles but then came the Ultimate Coverage Concealing Cream. First of all, I had the lightest shade. Second of all, just look at it.

Yes it was thick and sticky but it was also way too dark for my skin. I tried to correct using the Aqua Luminous concealer to lighten, but the shade I needed was out and this one just added more layers to the mess. Finally I decided to roll with it and add foundation.

While I was surprised at the coverage I received, probably do to the massive amount I put on a very dense brush, it definitely lived up to its name (in a bad way). It would not dry down. I did what else I could, like my eyebrows and priming my lids with concealer, but I remained a shiny, wet-looking mess. Fed up, I grabbed a Tarte finishing powder to help everything feel less sticky.

Spoiler alert: It did not really help.

Next I finished complexion using the only real high spots from the experience. I love the new bronzers. Bali Sands worked great on my skin and was absolutely beautiful. The blushes are SO pigmented and I loved the vibrant color. The highlighter (Moonstone) added such a lovely and soft glow.

Saying that, I don’t rate them as the highest and best I’ve ever used. They’re great, but if Becca disappeared as a brand forever it would be no great loss to me.

That was all I could really do with Becca, considering the lack of any other product used to do makeup. I went back to some old favorites listed above to complete the look.

So yeah. Six hours in and my face is still aqua luminous in a bad way. If you like this look and it worked better with your skin, awesome. That makes me happy. But it just wasn’t for me. Some brands I feel get me and others just exist on a completely different planet. Thanks for the memories, Becca.

Probable Purchase

  • Bronzer! Yay. So pretty, light and sparkly
  • Maybe the blushes. Maybe. It would depend.

Never Again

  • Basically everything else, especially the foundation

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