Hello hello again friends. Today was a special one because it was my first official fancy brand. I consider the brands based on high end design lines (Marc Jacobs, YSL, Dior, etc.) to be the most luxurious of the luxury found at Sephora. Is this true? Who’s to know! It wouldn’t be the first time I randomly spewed something and pretended it was a fact.

Back on topic. Today’s pick was Givenchy (gee-vawn-shee if you’re fancy and French like me), and it was more than just my first fancy brand; it was the first brand I’ve tried that I’ve never used another product from, ever. Honestly, it might be one of three I’ve never actually tried in Sephora.

Saying that, I had expectations. When your foundation costs more than $50, it better work.

Brand History

Hubert James Taffin de Givenchy came to Paris at the age of 17 with big dreams, and was aided into a prestigious position at the recommendation of little known icon Christian Dior. From here he worked his way up until finally establishing his own Couture House in 1952.

Side note, but have you ever thought about what would happen if your name became an iconic brand? Think of Dior, Givenchy, Chanel. Can you imagine Cummins being the name behind an iconic fashion house? Me either, but I can dream.

Fate would prove to be on Givenchy’s side when he met Audrey Hepburn by accident in a fitting in 1953. Through their long friendship, she would help elevate the brand’s popularity, especially in the United States. His designs are featured in several of her most famous movies, including Breakfast at Tiffany’sand Sabrina. Already I’m loving this brand more.

Five years later, Givenchy created a fragrance, L’Interdit, and dedicated it to his friend Audrey. She became the first celebrity to appear in a perfume advertising campaign, and potentially the last to do it for free and without the ridiculous #ad we see everywhere.

The house continued to flourish and in 1989, it launched Givenchy Beaute. The line resembled the nature of Givenchy fashion – light and fun. The four palette Prisme became its icon, with four fans per set that can be used individually or together. You can shop the brand today and find the same designs present.

Fun fact: the logo is actually four G’s. Once you see it, it’s super obvious. Maybe it was only me that didn’t understand.


Products Used


The first thing I will say is everything was really nice, so the price point holds up. Nothing I put on felt icky. Even if it wasn’t my ideal product, it still held up. Major props to Givenchy. Now for the specifics.

While the line has a few different primers, I chose to go with the generic smoother because it seemed like a good place to start. At first I was like meh but my foundation laid so well on top and my complexion really looked great. I tried the new Matissme Velvet foundation, which promises a luminous, matte glow, and I wasn’t disappointed. I didn’t feel very glowy, but I also didn’t look so matte it was unnatural. So that’s a plus.

The concealers were maybe my least favorite part of the experience. The embellishing was nice when covering my zits because it was thick, but they really didn’t have a formula I loved for more brightening coverage. I did use the Mister Light pen and it was good for my dark circles, but it definitely had a peach tint I wouldn’t want to use for highlighter anywhere else.

(Turns out I didn’t choose the lightest I just foolishly assumed lowest number, lightest color ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

To give my face some shape, I decided to go with eyebrows next. Now eyebrows make me nervous in any experiment because they make or break anything. Givenchy has an actual pencil and filler, so I tried both. The filler was definitely filling, something I learned after I had already colored mine in. I hate actual pencils for my eyebrows and I think that shows.

Next I tried the Prisme Libre setting powder, which had me nervous. You see, it’s called pastel for a reason. It pulls four different colors (yellow, green, pink and blue) to help color correct your face and set your makeup. I was sure I would like I did a pastel color run, but it actually delivered.

For bronzer I used the second lightest powder, because the first was basically the color of my skin. Initially I really liked it, but in some lights it looked orange which is not how I like to look. My blush was a highpoint as well – I love the colors in Spice and how easy it is to mix the colors and blend them on your face.

My biggest challenge, outside of my eyebrows, was the eyes themselves. You see, Givenchy has one set of eyeshadows, and it isn’t even the one I linked. The design is the same, but my colors were more brown. I went with a cream on the lid because there was more variety, and it went on and blended well, but I wasn’t overwhelmed. The actual eyeshadows were just ok as well. Blendable but unremarkable.

The Liner Vinyl is a liquid liner but not in the cool way I hoped like most of my liquid liners. It was very wet and loose goosy, but the pigment was nice. I didn’t need to go over my lines to darken them and to my surprise it has stayed on rather well. Even with my eyes watering, it hasn’t budged. Unfortunately because it was so fluid, it stuck to my lashes as well and made them a little clumpy.

I thought Mister Lash Booster was a primer but it’s a treatment serum so I used it anyway and I honestly can’t tell you anything more than that. The Noir Couture was nicer than I anticipated and actually helped spread the lashes where needed after I accidentally coated them with liner.

To complete the look, I chose a Le Rouge lipstick in Rose Taffetas and it was super pretty. More than that, it was comfortable and stayed on my lips reasonably well throughout the day. Since converting to liquid lips, I’m skeptical of regular lipstick but this one held up.

Cool typo Chelsea

Almost 12 hours later and almost all of the product held up. My foundation is getting a little gross in my T-zone, but nothing overly noticeable or unfixable. The concealer is the biggest issue – it’s almost as if it forgot it had a job to do in covering the mountain on my chin and quit because the job was too hard.

Probable Purchase

  • Blush – I don’t need blush. I just bought blush. But this is on my radar. It didn’t last all all day, but it did pretty well.
  • Lipstick – I would buy any color in Le Rouge

Never Again

  • The eyebrow pencil, which is probably unfair because it’s a personal thing, but it’s the truth.
  • Concealer. Being with a concealer is about trust and I need to know it won’t let me down. Givenchy let me down.

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