Ole Henriksen

Welcome to the second skincare brand review! Thursday nights I work late which means no makeup, only removing of my face to help clean the skin below.

The first moisturizer I used as an adult was Sheer Transformation by Ole Henriksen. My roommate gave me a travel sized version she didn’t need and I was like cool I don’t do anything for my skin except wash it so why not. It was a different time for me, everyone, and one I’m not proud of.

Since trying other products, I don’t love that moisturizer. A lot of people do, but it isn’t for my skin, which as we’ve discussed, is fine. Recently I started using the Facial Sauna Scrub and Hydrator from the green Balance line and they’re incredible. Definite recommendation there.

Truth Serum is a Vitamin C product designed for anti-aging and a bestseller at Sephora. Saying that, I haven’t noticed a lot of results when using it. In fact, it actually turns me orange when combined with certain essences. Which is cool.

Oh! And I’ve done the Power Peel, which I loved. I guess I have a decent amount of experience with Ole Henriksen.

Brand History

Ole Henriksen actually has quite the interesting story. Ole Henriksen, the founder, was born in the Danish countryside and began traveling the world at age 19, eventually falling in love with Jakarta and working there as a professional dancer and model. The different climate caused his skin to break out, spiking his interest in skincare.

He later went to the Christine Shaw College of Beauty in London, graduating with honors in 1975. After, he moved to LA and began developing his clientele, many of them famous. In fact, he would create products in his kitchen and take them to clients in the back of his bike.

In 1983, his skincare line launched and by 1989 he was the skincare guru all the celebrities wanted. Sephora and Henriksen began a ‘lifelong love affair’ in 2005 when the company began selling his products, making them available for the poor masses like you and me. In five years, his Truth Serum would become the number one anti-aging product at Sephora and in 2013, Henriksen would join forces with its parent company LVMH to make the brand grow on the global scale.

Products Used

You know I said last time I rarely use a wipe to remove makeup but clearly I did it again (and also last night, but I was really tired). I know there’s a makeup melter in the Truth line, but I couldn’t find it, so I settled for a wipe.

It was a terrible experience.

Yes, it removed my makeup well which was good, but the smell. THE SMELL. I’ve used Truth Serum which has a similar scent, but something about the wipe smelled like burning orange garbage. I don’t know. It works, but if scent is a thing for you, avoid.

Next I used the Truth foaming cleanser and it had a similar scent but not one that made me want to remove my skin so I’d never have to smell it again. It made my skin feel clean and nice.

Now ordinarily I would tell you scents don’t typically bother me at all, but something about this line just really pushed me. Again, I use products in the green bottles and I love that scent but these ugh. Ugh.

The Walnut Scrub came next and it is so harsh. If you have any sort of acne problem or concern, this physical exfoliator is not for you. It felt like my high school days of using St. Ives. I didn’t rub for very hard or long because it felt like sandpaper. The smell also bothered me a lot. One of my coworkers who was there loved it, but it’s another thing that I would gladly live without forever and ever.

As if the stripping my skin just took wasn’t enough, I decided to use the Polishing Sugar Mask next. Ole Henriksen doesn’t have a lot of mask options so I did what I could with what I had. Fortunately, it was a much more gentle exfoliator and while my face was super red after I removed it, it did seem to glow a little.

I completed the experienced with an overnight gel for transformation and a Nurture Me moisturizer because it felt like my face needed all the love it could get. I’ve actually used the gel before and I like it enough, but my skin didn’t seem super transformed in the morning. It was super soft though.

If you’re curious, both of those have really strong smells as well but they didn’t bother me as much so there you go.

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