When I think of Dior, I don’t think of fashion or makeup or luxury. I think of Charlize Theron saying j’adore Dior or Natalie Portman fooling around with a man whose looks were designed for a fragrance ad. Why do the fragrances, scents I don’t even like, stand out the strongest? Advertising, man.

I actually meant to also find one of the Dior fragrances I liked enough to wear to complete the look, but I forgot and put on Black Tulip by Nest instead. I’m sorry I can’t be perfect. Speaking of, my goal with this was to achieve Bella Hadid (current model) levels of beauty, but I fell short yet again.

Prior to this experiment, I had used the Diorshow Maximizer primer for mascara as well as the standard Diorshow mascara. I knew coming into today I would try the Airflash foundation, an aerosol can of dreams according to many reviewers.

Another fun fact: In our systems, Dior is typically listed in shorthand as ‘CD.’ It took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that meant Christian Dior.

Brand History

Christian Dior was the kind of man to make you feel like you’ll never accomplish anything. He was originally scouted to design for Philippe et Gaston (he just sounds like a bad guy), but instead decided he wanted to establish his own brand instead of reviving another. With the proper financial backing, he launched his fashion company in December 1946, now celebrated as 1947.

A few months after establishing his private house, Dior showed his first fashion line for spring/summer of 1947. Like many famous French designers, he was revered for his innovation and his line was renamed ‘New Look’ after all the attention it received for revitalizing the French fashion scene. His young-looking and glamorous designs helped bring back haute couture.

It makes sense when you think about historical context. This was a few years after the end of World War II. During that time, Paris was preoccupied and lost its title as fashion capital. Many celebrated the elaborate and feminine looks as they pushed past the functional looks found throughout the war and rationing. Others still in the rationing found them a waste, and Coco Chanel believed “only a man who was never intimate with a woman could design something that uncomfortable,” in a sentiment echoed by many feminists for the return of the corsets (something Chanel herself did away with).

As if Dior’s debut wasn’t big enough, he also launched his first fragrance the same year, Miss Dior. Named for his sister, once again Dior had released something that revolutionized the industry where it belonged.

Within a few years Dior had spread from France into New York City and beyond. In 1950, a licensing program allowed the placement of the brand ‘Christian Dior’ on luxury items, like ties, hats, purses, scarves, etc. At first people believed it was an insult to haute couture, but soon other houses followed and as a result we have the heavily branded designer products that plague the world today. Kidding. (kind of)

Tragedy struck in 1957 when Dior died from a third heart attack, leading some to believe the only option was shutting down amidst the chaos. The French fashion industry was having none of this considering how lucrative the Maison Dior was for business. His successor was a 21-year-old designer named Yves Saint-Laurent. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

Listen, this history is all pretty interesting and I’m only using Wikipedia, but I realize this isn’t an essay on Dior. Let’s get to the makeup. The cosmetic linewas created in 1969 and that’s all I could really find. I wish I knew why the red lip was such a thing with the brand, because on some level I know it is, but I don’t know why.

I feel like that started strong but lost steam when I got back on topic. Either way. Dior is a quality, luxury brand with quite the history. But how did I feel?



Products Used


Dior is a line where everything worked really well, but they aren’t really boundary pushers. They do what they do well and that’s where they live. The line has iconic mascaras, lip products and foundations and that’s what it does best. So let’s get into it. ​


The first product I used was the Airflash primer, which like the foundation, is something you just spray on your face. Or maybe your hands or a brush first? I’m still really confused how any of that works. I HATED the application and my first response was like noooo thank you. And then I felt my face and saw the color correction in action and I was like oh okay you got me. Seriously my skin felt so nice and soft.

Next came the Airflash foundation, beloved by so many, incredibly confusing to me. Not wanting to repeat my Sephora Collection disaster, I sprayed it directly onto the brush before applying. All I can say is holy cow. The coverage was beautiful and the match was almost incredible. As soon as it reached my skin, I looked like a new, healthier version of myself. It’s a real bummer it’s like $62. The plus side to that price tag is you don’t need too much, so the can should last you awhile.

A coworker liked it initially, but felt it works better for normal to dry skin people, unlike us oily folk. As the day went on my skin didn’t feel as good, but I didn’t see it breaking up anywhere either which is nice. Granted, I’m no longer oily, but ~*normal is just a dryer description*~ or something. Sorry.

After my face is one color, it’s time to conceal the zit that’s been plaguing me for weeks and the baby dark circles that look like I’m almost getting enough sleep. I tried the Fix It concealer first and it was okay for my blemishes, but it didn’t do much for my undereyes. Also I used it to prime my eyelids because it’s also a corrector for them, but I don’t recommend this. It doesn’t spread very easily.

At this point I needed to put my brows on because it’s terrifying and actually really loved the Dior Brow Styler. It was precise and easy to use. My brows took me a lot less time than usual because I feel like they shaped so easily. I tried to brow gel next but it’s real weird and not even online so

Back to complexion. I used the Nude Tan Glow whatever to bronze and it was pretty and so was the blush and highlighter. Very subtle, but both nice for the overall effect. I felt very natural after, which isn’t a bad thing. Nothing felt heavy on my skin.

I knew I wanted to use the Fusion Mono on my lid, a product I’ve actually had used on me before. It’s so beautiful. One day I will buy one. When I’m willing to spend $31. I didn’t have the right tools, so you can’t really see how beautiful it is in the pictures, but believe me it’s great. The five-color palette was fine. That’s really the best word for it tbh.

The penultimate product was the new Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara. As a regular user of Diorshow, it seemed only fitting to try something new but I was really really disappointed. I even tried a second tester to make sure it wasn’t just old. It’s supposed to add really great volume, but my lashes looked even thinner than usual. I liked that it wasn’t as thick as Diorshow, but it didn’t do as much for me.

To complete the look, I chose a red lipstick from the Rouge line to be in step with the Dior ways. It went on so nicely and actually stayed fairly well through several meals. It was one of the highlights for sure.

Probable Purchases (when I win the lottery and have endless amounts of money)

  • Airflash primer and foundation – both so good
  • Fusion Mono – I have nothing else to say about this
  • Red Smile lipstick – YAS so beautiful and light

Never Again

  • Pump ‘N’ Volume – more like pump ‘n’ get nothing amirite?

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