Sephora Newness! June 20 Edition

Lancome has been my next brand for like a week but I just haven’t found the energy to take the plunge and do a review. Fortunately, we have a lot of newness in store so I could spend the day distracting myself.

Every month or so, Sephora puts up what is called a new animation. This means I am forced to work a second night during the week (hence two skincare reviews last week). New products are put on the floor to reflect the current trends in the world of skincare, haircare and makeup along with new store displays.

While this current animation is technically ‘Curl Boss,’ designed to reach the more than 60 percent of the population with some type of textured hair, there’s a makeup trend angle as well. Right now, Sephora is all about monochromatic looks.

Several brands released products based on a popular shade in one color so an entire look can be created using the same shade, aka monochromatic. Urban Decay brought back its Gash eyeshadow to match the lipstick and lipliner and Kat Von D introduced a shadow/blush in the shade Lolita to match her most poplar shade of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick.

Other brands just launched new products in store, like Anastasia Beverly Hill’s blushes and Aurora Glow Kit.

Now let’s get into the details of my experience.


Products used:

*indicates first time trying product

The Look

Keeping in line with current trends, I decided to go with a monochromatic look of sorts, inspired by the ABH Blush Trio in Pool Party. I began my experience with Sephora’s new primer targeted toward mattifying. It’s not clear like I anticipated it to be (as a gel) and the consistency was really weird. It’s probably most comparable to the De-Slick primer from Urban Decay. You have to apply it carefully because it gets sticky and doesn’t spread well. Most of my gel-based product glide like an angel on the ice over my skin, but not this one.

Next I added foundation, aka the most disappointing product in the bunch. I had high hopes for the new Tarte stick foundation. I watched one and it felt like butter gliding across my forearm, but it didn’t translate to my face. Maybe the mattifying primer didn’t provide the right base. Maybe I used the wrong tool to spread it. I don’t know. All I know is it got stuck on my face and I basically had to rub it off just to get it to blend. No me gusta.

The rest of the complexion went fairly smoothly. I used the Maracuja concealer from Tarte because it’s thick and I trust it to do its best against the giant chin monster threatening to consumer my face. The new Nars bronzers are so beautiful and create a really natural looking warmth on the skin. They don’t apply too heavily, making them excellent to blend.

Next we have the highlight of the day, and no I’m not referring to one of the many highlighters I used. There are few to no products I’ve tried from Anastasia Beverly Hills and didn’t like/love, and the blushes are no exception. The pigment is so nice. They seem like they might be too bright in the pan, but once they begin their journey in adding flush to your cheeks, they’re so natural and pretty. I am in love. The trio is $30 which isn’t bad considering you get three blushes at that price. I was also worried the thin pans would cause quick contamination and make it hard to focus your brush in the color you wanted, but I faced no trouble at all. Thank God.

I brought several highlighters into this review and decided Aurora was the way to go, meaning I chose one of the colors that wouldn’t make me look crazy. Don’t get me wrong. I love it. But also I don’t want a blue sparkly stripe on my cheekbone. I went with ‘Eclipse’ a really pretty pink shade to match my theme. It was beautiful.

After priming my eyes, I used some of the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea powder to set it (also used on my face but forgot) and then went in with non-eye products like a real rebel. I used all the shades in the blush palette to add dimension and then tried to add a little of the Amethyst/Geode highlighter in the middle, but the pigment wasn’t really there sadly. It added some shimmer, but on the whole it fell flat. I used the other two in my inner corner and my reviews there are similar.

I decided to try the Becca lip gloss (even though gloss isn’t my jam) and swatched all the colors which turned into a sticky mess. I chose Rose Quartz/Seashell because it kept in line with my monochromatic idea, but they were all interesting. I’m not likely to run out and buy any because of my preferences, but they’re interesting nonetheless. Not too sticky but also not very long lasting.

The final touch was the setting spray, or what should more realistically be called a coconut shower. Even though I was warned by a coworker and thought I maintained a safe distance, I got soaked. In order to get it to mist across your face like a good setting spray, it needs to be held at a complete arms distance or else it’s way way too much. Definitely a packaging flaw, but so far the product itself seems to be holding my face up well, which is a plus.

All in all it was a fun day trying some new products. I’ll probably do at least another monochromatic look using some newness, but right now I’m thinking maybe a Huda Beauty day tomorrow since we have the eye palette back in stock and the glow palette just launched. Maybe? Yeah?

Probable Purchase

  • The ABH blush trio. Obviously.

Never Again

  • Maybe everything else? I don’t know I need to try both the primer and foundation again with different counterparts to see if I like them better

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