Huda Beauty

Today was not a day for Huda Beauty. Some brands are designed to be quick for the girl on the go, and some create textured eyeshadow palettes and glow kits designed to highlight your whole face. You can guess which category Huda falls into.

I was late to work and didn’t pack food so I had to run to Starbucks and choke down a bagel for sustenance. It even makes an appearance in a photo where it looks like I’m pushing out my lips but really I’m just chewing.

Huda is a growing line, and currently the only products are an eyeshadow palette, highlighting palette, lips, lashes and nails. I had to supplement a lot of other brands to get a complete look, but the Huda products are definitely the star.

Brand History

Basically Huda Kattan is living the dream of everyone who likes makeup in the entire world. She was working in finance when her real passion for makeup surfaced and she Googled the top makeup schools and decided to go. You know, as if it’s a completely normal thing to go to famous makeup school and work with major brands and models like it’s nbd.

Wishing to bring her experiences to the masses, she started her beauty blog in 2010 and quickly grew in popularity, becoming one of the most well known influencers in the world. Basically I’m going to follow in her footsteps with Brand Beat and someday I’ll be famous too lol

It was a natural transition into releasing her own products, much to the delight of everyone who followed her. Every product she releases is high quality and as a result, kind of high priced. Follow @hudabeauty on Instagram for a lot of really interesting reposts of hair, nails, makeup and more.

Products Used

The Look

This is another one of those days where I forgot to save the photos I took during the process to share with you, so you’ll have to deal with my words alone.

I’m going to spare you most of the complexion details because you can read about Sephora Collection, Tarte and Laura Mercier in other posts. My eyebrows by Anastasia Beverly Hills were a little more intense than I wanted (although I went for Dipbrow so I should’ve known) but with the complete look they were okay.

Huda called her glow kit ‘3D’ and for good reason. This isn’t your standard kit full of highlighters you can mix or choose between. Oh no. These shades are meant to be used at the same time. You begin by using the top right powder to set the face with a soft, luminous glow. Then you take the next color and highlight the high points of the face. You use the dark shade, a texture that isn’t quite a cream and also not quite a powder, to create depth under the cheeks. Finally, you take the pink shade for a soft flush.

Basically if you ever wished your contour was actually highlighter, this is for you.

It was really beautiful on the skin and if you like glowing, you’ll love this kit. It feels wonderful and is very easy to apply and blend. Obviously you don’t have to use every step every day, but it’s a nice option if you do. My only real issue is the blushes aren’t as dark as I like. The natural, flushed finish is pretty, but I like a little more definition. I tried using the Gold Sand blush to darken it a bit but I still didn’t really get the results I wanted.

Now that I looked like I dipped my face in glow powder, it was time to move to eyes. It’s important to reiterate again I was late to work, untoward and my hair was in a messy bun. But for some reason I chose the darkest lip color and felt I had to match the depth with my eyes.

I used all the reddish matte shades (Bossy, Maneater and Henna) to define my crease and outer corner and then placed Fling on top. To lighten, I used a bit of the Rose Gold textured shadow in the inner corner and then 24K on the center of the lid to lighten it up more.

The look was dramatic.

This eye look combined with Famous, the deep burgundy liquid lip I chose, was much edgier than I intended. I don’t like the shade Trophy Wife on me and the other shades available were almost too nude, so I settled with what was left. It definitely was a darker and edgier look than I envisioned but it wasn’t bad.

The eyeshadows applied nicely and blended out really well. The textured shadows are really pretty, but I’ve heard you can get similar formulas from Make Up Geek for a lot less money. On the whole it’s a beautiful range of colors, but at $65 it’s a little pricey. It’s also very similar to Modern Renaissance, a palette I love, but I believe the formula in the ABH set is a little better than Huda’s. If you’re looking for one and don’t think the textured shadows are appealing, opt for Modern Renaissance. You won’t be disappointed.

Last but not least is the lip, causally mentioned not long ago. I’m a fan of the Huda liquid lip formula. It’s comfortable and long lasting with a nice range of colors (we just don’t have them in store). Famous wore well all day and brought the drama. I went for a walk and it’s honestly why I kept the entire look on because I loved the drama.

Speaking of, I did take quite the extensive walk and the look really held up throughout the day. My lips made it through several meals before looking less put together which is always a plus.

In my opinion, most Huda products are great for makeup lovers who want to spend money and already have everything they need. With the exception of the lips, they’re a little pricey and slightly ridiculous in the best way possible.

Honestly there’s nothing new here I feel like I need to buy, as much as I enjoyed Famous and the Rose Gold Palette. Also everything I read/write Famous I think of the Kanye West song which is less than ideal.

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