Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is a man and brand that is wildly popular but honestly I don’t know why. I’m not saying that like some fashion snob. I literally don’t know what makes the brand so iconic because I don’t follow fashion houses. But he’s a big deal. Obviously.

Launched almost 15 years ago, Marc Jacobs Beauty came into being while Jacobs was a fashion darling with a successful fragrance line in his back pocket. His youth-meets-sophistication approach was perfect for the cosmetic industry, combing fun pops of color with quality products that will stay on. While the line didn’t officially launch until August, five products were released early and quickly sold out, marking a trend that would continue.

Now he’s pretty much the authority on long-lasting eyeliners, among other notable products. The Highliner Gel Eye Cream is no joke. One morning I was like I can try the under smoke that MJ is currently promoting, but it went horribly wrong and I tried to wipe it off. Only I couldn’t get it off. When clients return it because it wouldn’t stay in my head I’m like, ‘likely story, but I’ve had tattoos fade faster.’

Let’s not forget Velvet Noir, the beloved mascara and recent best seller in the brand. This *might* be my second favorite mascara in store, behind Better Than Sex. I’m also OBSESSED with the coconut bronzer that was limited edition so now I have to cherish it forever.

Enough chit chat. Here we go.

Products Used


I wasn’t actually sure how today was going to go. A coworker suggested the eye palette I used and already I could tell it was going to make my face much more dramatic than I intended. After work I was going swimming and drama eyes don’t really mix, but I went for it anyway.

I love everything coconut, and the fact that Marc Jacobs has an entire line dedicated to fruitnut is incredible. I used the coconut primer for my face and eyes and really enjoyed the application for both. They spread easily and my only real complaint is I wish they smelled MORE like coconuts. Seriously I can’t get enough.

I used Anastasia Beverly Hills for my brows like always moving on.

Because I’ve used the Re(marc)able foundation in the past, I went with the Genius Gel which is medium coverage (compared to full) and helps brighten skin over time. I picked a color that was too light, but it was thin enough I could easily spread it and hide it with bronzer. Saying that, it felt like I had to use a lot of product to get my desired coverage. Like several pumps. It wasn’t like Kat Von D where I can use a drop and Beauty Blender and completely cover my whole face. I know it’s less coverage and buildable, but I like to think one pump should always be enough. The coverage itself was nice, but I wasn’t overly impressed.

The concealers are set up weird and not by palest to darkest, so I was short on time and at a lost. The color I picked wasn’t bad, but it was darker than the foundation. I actually have no opinion it was just there on my face.

To set and prepare for more powder, I used the Featherweight Finish Perfection Powder and this seemed like a real dud. Maybe my brush wasn’t ideal, but it didn’t seem like any of the pressed powder was actually helping to set everything on my face. I couldn’t even tell it was there and when it came time to apply the powders, my face felt sticky.
Strangely before I finished my face, I moved to eyes and dove right into the Edgitorial palette. I like Marc Jacobs shadows in general, but these were incredible. It was a nice mixture of sensible and pop so you could create a complete eye look and also have some fun. The biggest downside of the shadows is a seven-pan palette will set you back $49, about the average price of a palette containing double the amount of shadows. The pigment on these are GREAT, but you could really use your money more wisely and go to Make Up Geek.

Also the green/gold color in this is so good. I put it on and it was like BAM PIGMENT LOOK AT ME.

I debated doing eyeliner because it can really just ruin your whole morning, but by the time I finished the shadow I realized I needed a wing to balance the crazy. A lot of people love the Magic Marc’er and I can see why. Even though it was a little dry from being a tester, it was still really really easy to use. Probably one of my fastest wings in a long time. Plus, it held up swimming and that is saying something.

I love Velvet Noir and I used Velvet Noir because there wasn’t a tester for the other one and that’s all I have to say about that.

Strangely satisfied with the eyes, I moved back to my complexion and began bronzing to help my face match everything else. The contour powder was really nice and just blended out so beautifully, I could’ve cried. I used the yellow powder in the pan to brighten my under eyes a bit as well and noticed a difference.

The blush may have been my favorite product of the day. It went on with enough pigment I could see, but not too much that it was like WHOA BLUSH STOP NOW. It was soft and pretty and sadly didn’t really survive the pool, but I still love it anyway.

Another strange product in the is the glow stick highlighter. Don’t get me wrong – my glow is still going strong more than seven hours later, but the application is so weird. It basically looks like deodorant.

To finish everything I used a liquid lip as nude as I could to not overpower my eyes and set everything with the coconut mist.

All in all, today was a success. I like the way it looked + held up as the day progressed, which is good because for these prices it should.

Probable Purchase

  • the blush but you already knew that
  • Magic Marc’er
  • TBH I’d be happy with anything in this line (except that powder)

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