Yves Saint Laurent

Few things in life are more satisfying than learning how to pronounce something that has perplexed you all your life. Yves Saint Laurent was one of those things for me (Yves is pronounced Eeves which isn’t actually that complicated at all). Also as a wee lass I believed Yves Saint Laurent was the same brand as St. Ives (you know that skincare brand with the granules that basically cut your face apart).

Today is a momentous occasion because I have made it through all the color brands in my store. Actually I never gave NARS a full day so I guess this is a farce. Too late we’re rolling with it. Unfortunately, I didn’t start this until I’d been through a few so you guys missed Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, NARS (but did you), Make Up For Ever and Kat Von D. My next step is compiling the best and worst of what I used so some of those will sneak into those lists. Is any of this relevant? Probably not.

Yves Saint Laurent was a man and with his partner he created his fashion house in 1961, quickly rising in popularity. Many fashion houses follow the cycle of clothes – fragrance – cosmetics, but YSL went straight to cosmetics in 1978, following up with fragrance in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, the iconic brand went through some trouble and different creative directors, causing closures the temporary end of the couture line.

My favorite thing I learned about YSL is he said ‘Chanel freed women, and I empowered them.’ Coco Chanel challenged many norms and created silhouettes that were comfortable and not trapped in corsets and YSL sought to make women feel strong in comfortable, especially in his creation of the iconic Le Smoking suit.

I’ve watched a few YSL brand videos since working at Sephora and I love them all. It’s definitely a house with personality, but let’s find out if the products held up.

(They did)

Product List

The Look

Today I did my makeup while sitting on a pile of stools using a cart as a table with a portable mirror. Our backstage area has been leaking and some very hand men were fixing it while I lunched. It was not the best of environments, yet I persevered.

This was another unique entry because every product, no matter how iconic, was a first use for me. I’ve never tried YSL before today and did my best to experience the brand as fully as possible, even though it was missing some crucial items, like eyebrows.

I started with the basic primer, Instant Moisture Glow (we didn’t have a tester for the Blur Touche Eclat primer, she added bitterly). It’s supposed to make you hydrated and glow (obviously), but it also helps smooth you out. I can’t speak to any of that, but it felt really nice on my skin. I wanted to swim in it.

Next, I went with the favorite Touche Eclat foundation. I’m always ready to skeptical, but today I had no reason. This foundation is worth the hype. I used a 47 foundation brush from Sephora Collection to spread it all over my face and man, was it beautiful. It matched really well and covered without feeling heavy. It was also easy to build, so I could go over where my pores were the most problematic and receive the necessary amounts of coverage. I also used it as an eye primer because I couldn’t find one on the gondola.

To continue to perfect my complexion, I used two more Touche Eclat products, a concealer/highlighter and neutralizer. I’ll preface this by saying I think the Touche Eclat Radiance Pen is beautiful, but for me it just isn’t worth the hype. Neither was the neutralizer (if there is hype there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). My dark circles remained even after layering.

I’ve really been struggling to have good brows lately, which is a bummer, but without a YSL product I went to my ride or die Anastasia.

I tried a lot of different products on the eyes, and mostly I was pleased. Starting with the metal shadow, I quickly realized it wasn’t the pigmentation I wanted so I went on top with the Duo pen, placing the blush I used as a crease color. From there, I built up the look with the eyeshadow palette and was pretty pleased with the outcome.

Saying that, I will again complain about the tiny size of eyeshadow palettes for high end brands. Plus, this one for like six colors cost $60. That is more than almost every large palette and I don’t understand anything. Yes, they were nice, I liked the look, but not for that much money.

oh and the mascara was nice.OH! I almost forgot to talk about the eyeliner. It was the worst. Traditionally I used liquid liner in a felt tip but this tip dried out so quickly it barely made the line across my first eye. It felt like using a dried up Sharpie and it was the worst. As a point of reference, it was also a new tester and should not have felt that way.

To finish my face, I went back into my Marc Jacobs blush and bronzer uses from yesterday and still loved both products just the same. I’m also really into this bronzer brush from Sephora Collection I may need to buy.

My last step was, as always, lips. I chose the Vinyl Cream Lip Stain for its alleged wear time and comfortability. It applied beautifully and yes, it was comfortable. It wasn’t the most long lasting lip product I’ve used, but considering the cream, non-matte finish, I was impressed.

Everything stayed on fairly well, even after having to take a shower because my sister dyed my hair. I mostly emerged unscathed, complexion still fierce.

Not a bad day.

Probable Purchase

  • Ugh, the foundation. I want to be stronger. But I know.
  • The cream lip stain. It was nice.

Never Again

  • That eyeliner. I can’t even think about it.

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