“You make bad decisions all the time; you have a whole blog about it”

This is what my sister said when I tried to offer her some advice. Reading it, you might wonder why someone like that is writing a blog that you’re reading. Most likely you’re related to me or you accidentally stumbled on my site. Either way, I’m glad to have you.

Listen, it’s not like I only make bad decisions. Sometimes I make relatively good decisions. At least, they seem ok in the moment. More often than not, I find myself justifying a path of life with that simple phrase: it seemed like a good idea at the time.

When I realized my life was a series of seemingly good ideas, I realized a startling fact – I’m a normal human. I try, but I fail. The good news is my mistakes don’t have a hold on me because I decided to post them on the Internet to allow others to laugh as well.

As a Christian, I believe every thing that happens has a purpose. I think my purpose is to invite people into my life. We read these amazing stories from Christian authors but sometimes they’re bigger than us, you know? What I lack in wisdom, I make up in honesty.

I’m in my mid-20s. I live in Buffalo, which might be the most inconsequential city in the United States. I like makeup and television and reading and my iPhone. I went to college and I spend at least 20 minutes every day contemplating how I can live without my job. See? I’m just like you.

My purpose is to share my stories, thoughts and ramblings to reach other people like me who maybe don’t identify with the extravagant, but the regular dealings of life. I want to reach the other screw-ups and let them know it’s ok, you’ve always got a friend in me (and Jesus, obviously).


This is me, by the way. Being a basic white girl at Disney

I grew up imagining a life I would never have. Mostly I spent time in front of my mirror, creating my own music videos or talking to myself as if I was injected into my favorite book/show/movie. For me, this world was never enough. I wanted to be a part of something bigger.

One of my biggest defining characteristics is I’m a talker, both to myself and other people. If you see me on the street, you might notice me mouthing to myself. I’m either singing along to my music (usually with motions) or I’m having a pretend conversation in my head. Typically one I would like to have or thinking about what I wish I would’ve said in that situation.

I talk when I’m nervous. I talk when I’m happy. I talk when I’m sad. I talk when I’m passionate. I talk to make people laugh. I talk to make people look and say wow she’s cool. I talk to try and relate to people. I talk to put other people down.

I don’t like all the reasons I talk, but I’m working on it.

Personally, I think I talk so much because I have so much to say. Seems obvious, right? I’m not making this statement as if I have this profound knowledge just waiting to drop. Sometimes I just want to talk about the latest celebrity gossip or what’s going on in my show. I just enjoy having conversations about everything.

This is why I like to write. It provides me the opportunity to say all these things to someone who might want to hear them. My life is about words and now I’m sharing with you.


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